Available Discounts on Insurance Policies

One of the more significant discounts available to policy-holders is the multi-policy discount, this includes auto and home or auto and renters.

On your home-owners policy, a discount is available for a monitored alarm system and the Class 4 shingle. Both of these discounts require a certificate from your alarm company and from the roofer that installed the shingles. If you make an update to your home you can always check with your agent to see if coverage items need to be adjusted possibly resulting in a discount. Examples: new water heater, new HVAC, new roof.

On your auto policy, a discount is available for the defensive driving course completion and you will be provided with a certificate upon class completion. This does not apply if the course was court mandated. You can read more about the classes available here: https://www.dmv.org/ok-oklahoma/defensive-driving.php.

If you have a young driver, be sure to let your agent know when they have completed their driver’s training course. A discount is also available if the young driver maintains a good grade record and you can send in the grade report to your agent to submit to the insurance company for review.

Several insurance companies offer user based insurance programs where your driving is monitored for a set amount of time. They are typically monitoring for rapid acceleration, hard brakes, and middle of the night driving. The company will then take the average of the results and you can earn an additional discount. This program essentially gives the policy-holder some control of determining a small portion of the premium.

We encourage you to review your insurance policies and applied discounts on an annual basis to make sure that your policy is still a good fit for you and your family.


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