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Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance options explained:

The dwelling amount is the estimated amount to rebuild your home in the case of a total loss.

The other structures amount is the estimate to rebuild any other structures located on your property, this includes your fence/gate.

Personal property/contents is the estimate to replace all of your personal belongings. This will include all of your family's clothing, bedding, dishes, linens, electronics, and more.

Personal liability is for your protection in case an injury occurs on your property. Common injuries include dog bites, trampoline injuries, swimming pool accidents, and more.

Medical payment coverage will apply to medical expenses for an injury on your property.

Deductible options:

Most Oklahoma insurers now offer a split deductible for a wind/hail loss. You will have an option for the 1% or 2% (of the dwelling amount) wind/hail loss deductible. The common deductible option for all other perils/losses is $1000, $1500, or $2500.

Flood coverage and earthquake coverage is not offered on a standard homeowners policy, you will need to endorse them on to your current policy or obtain a standalone flood/earthquake policy in addition to the homeowners insurance policy.

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