Quick Tips to Deter a Home Burglary

How often does a burglary occur? There's a burglary happening right now. One in every 15 seconds. 

Our homes are more than just property. They hold priceless memories and irreplaceable items with sentimental value. Make sure that you’re keeping your family and home safe with these tips:

• To help deter burglars be sure to leave the exterior lights on. If you’re headed out of town, you might consider installing a few timers to turn on a lamp overnight. This helps to make the home look occupied. Motion detector lighting is helpful too.

• Make sure that the garage door is closed before heading to bed.

• Remember to lock your vehicles up at night and bring all of your valuables indoors. Be sure to grab the garage door opener too!

• If you have an alarm, be sure to utilize the system every day. You can also display alarm company signage in your yard and/or place the alarm company’s sticker on your windows.

• Make sure your windows and property gates are locked.

• Store your valuables in a safe.

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