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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

At MemberHaven we work with you as your trusted advisor, a key member of your personal risk management team.  We’ll help you assess your insurance needs and work to find the best way to transfer your exposure to loss at a value that’s competitive in the marketplace.   

Home Insurance Products

At MemberHaven, we have a full porfofolio of home insurance products to meet your needs.

Auto Insurance Products

Make sure that you and your passengers are protected with insurance.  There are many different types of plans to consider.

Personal Umbrella Insurance

Are your insurance liability limits sufficient to protect your assets and future earnings in the event of a lawsuit?

Boat/Personal Watercraft Insurance

What if something happened and you were involved in an accident while boating?

Motorcycle Insurance

No matter the type of ride, we offer insurance to protect you and your bike.

Other personal insurance, stamp collection

There are a number of additional coverages that you might need in addition to your car and home.