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Essential Fall Clean Up Tips for Homeowners

As the seasons change and the weather gets colder, now is a good time to inspect the key structures of your home. Home preventative maintenance protects your home and your wallet from large, expensive, and unexpected repairs and replacements. Set aside a weekend while the weather is nice to ensure that everything is working as it should.

• Rust and/or deterioration on flashings
• Crumbling or holes that water can seep in around your chimney
• Missing, cracked, bubbled or loose shingles
• Debris, algae, leaves, and dirt – they can cause damage to your shingles as they grow or decompose
• Excessive amounts of shingle granules in gutters – granules protect shingles from harsh UV rays, and without them, your shingles can deteriorate faster than your roof’s standard lifespan

• Clogged downspouts or gutters
• Damage and wear on caulk and weather-stripping
• Dirt and debris on tracks and jambs
• Window sashes that do not close firmly
• Loose and/or foggy glass

• Peeling paint if your siding has a painted top coat - if left uncorrected, the siding itself can deteriorate and no longer protect the building
• Loose siding – if it is allowed to flap in the wind and gets bent, it can’t be reshaped, and the panel will need to be replaced
• Spiders and insects in the small ledges of siding stair-steps
• Stains on stucco siding – degreaser works well to remove stains
• Wear and tear on wood siding – wood siding requires treatment every 4 to 6 years

Tips provided by Red River Roofing