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12 tips to simplify the holiday season

Don't stress over your decorations this holiday season. We'll help you get ready with our simple and clever tricks. With the gift buying, present wrapping, decorating, hosting, and all the good things that come along with the holiday season, it can get to be a little much. Make this Christmas the best time of the year with these 12 Christmas hacks that will simplify this holiday season.

1. Store your Christmas lights on a hanger for easier and tangle-free storage for next year.

2. Use binder clips for a safe and non-damaging way to hanging lights from your gutters or roof.

3. Shopping for a holiday party? Take pictures of your refrigerator and cabinet contents so you know what you have already and avoid the risk of buying ingredients that you don't need.

4. Light strands too tangled up to hang? Lay them in a planter, top them with standing branches and sprigs, then plug it in.

5. Reuse your pumpkins by turning them into snowmen. Paint them white, stack them snowman-style and decorate with buttons and a scarf. Paint a smaller pumpkin black as a top hat.

6. Glue two candy canes together and place upside down for easy place card holders.

7. Hang ornaments off of a lighting fixture with various lengths of ribbon for an easy and festive Christmas chandelier.

8. A vase filled with evergreen clippings is a handy stand-in for a Christmas tree in small spaces.

9. For an easy table centerpiece, place decorative Christmas ball ornaments on a serving tray and tuck in sprigs of evergreens.

10.Fill a dollar store glass bowl with faux snow, miniature trees and other tiny props from a craft store for a festive winter scene.

11. Fill glass stemware and cups with assorted white and red striped peppermint candy for festive table decorations. Tie a pretty bow around the stem for a finishing touch.

12.  For the ultimate holiday decorating hack - plastic wrap your entire artificial tree, ornaments and all after the holidays for easy clean-up and storage.

Tips provided by Red River Roofing