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Auto Insurance Products

Auto Insurance Products

We rely on our cars for transportation and reliability.  What happens if you or your passengers were in a serious accident?  At MemberHaven we have an entire portfolio of car insurance products to meet your needs and your budget.

Among the products we offer:

  • ATV Insurance
  • Car Insurance
  • Class Car Insurance
  • RV Insurance

So no matter whether it is the family car, a classic beauty, or recreational vehicles, we can help you.  Give us a call today to discuss.


Personal Automobile Insurance

Whether you own or lease your auto, it is important to protect your vehicle from theft and damage.

classic car insurance

It’s about more than the car – it is a passion, you know every detail of your classic car.

RV Insurance

Regardless of the type of RV you have, we have the specialized type of insurance to provide you with the protection you need.

ATV Insurance

Whether you ride your ATV on a ranch, a trail, or just for fun, you need to make sure that it is covered.